From The Author:
I wrote Olympic Sun as a limerick to promote learning that is repeatable, measurable, and lifelong, as there is something for every age group and stage of life to quest on in this book.
It is ideal as a bedtime story, as it is relaxing as well as exciting, which also makes it an ideal triumphant story for children to yield to before going to sleep.
I recommend reading it nightly so that the child begins to soak up and grasp its concepts of family time, word play, vocabulary, forward thinking, and progress over time.
Olympic Sun is a great teaching tool, as it encourages you to remember that life is about stages, community, self-actualization (being your best self), diligence, practice and endless inspiration in the future, as we know that tomorrow always bears the brightest fruits as long as we can tag along.
It encourages children to try again, t o reach for the stars, to love where they come from, and to find inspiration in others as they seek to find themselves in the world. 

From The Illustrator:
The illustrations are inspired by real figures from the history of the Olympic Games. The illustrator tried to capture some of their iconic moments and inspirational techniques throughout their career in the Olympic Games, and show them as heroes as they are for the younger generations. They are all proof that strength comes from within and it conquers any obstacle, pain, and injustice.

The book is featuring vibrant and dimensional illustrations, that focus on successive phases of movement of Olympic athletes showing excellence, persistence, and passion.

The layout of the book is designed to be friendly and approachable to children, where most of the illustrations are connected throughout the pages, which makes the dynamic illustrations and vivid color palette even more engaging, encouraging more interaction with the story.

Creative Writing Topics on Olympic Sun:

What else would you do, if you were Sonny?

How would you have fun at the Olympic Games?

Who would you go with?

Which sports would you enjoy?  Why?

How do you like to enjoy yourself with others?

Where are the Olympics this year?

Where is Tokyo?

What do you know about Japanese culture?

What do you like about Japanese culture?

What do you want to learn from Japanese culture?

What are metaphors?

What are the metaphors that you see, in Olympic Sun?

What metaphors are in the title?

How can you apply them to your life?

How can you apply them to the life of others?

Where do you think Sonny went after day one?

How long do the Olympics last?

What is an athlete?

Draw a picture to answer each of these questions. 

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